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A gliding mouse cushion that features a unique patented design


Simplicity works!  This product affords the user both comfort and functionality.  

    Shawn Baxter, M.S., OTR/L, Certified Industrial Ergonomist, Clinical Director, Premier   

   Orthopedics & Work Rehabilitation

This cushion is for everyone. I have now been using it for 2 months, and I never get that 'sore wrist' or ‘tingling in my hand’. any more.   This unique design really ROCKS! It's a great little device that attaches to your mouse and supports your WHOLE wrist. Why attach it to the mouse? The traditional attempts at this are to put the wrist support on the mouse pad. The problem with that is that your wrist is still moving around and not being supported 100%. This wrist solution supports your whole wrist all the time.Matt Densley, Independent developer, designer, trainer, St. George, UT. 

After returning to work after Carpal Tunnel surgery I was in extreme pain
as the surgical site dragged across the desktop as I used my
computer mouse.  It was so bad that it adversely impacted many other
activities, even driving.  The Wrist Solution was the solution.  It made
using a mouse bearable, greatly aided in my recovery, and being able to
return to work full time.  I used it for many months after my wrist had
healed completely.      Claudia C.,  buyer, Exeter, RI  

I suffer from arthritis, as the result of a broken wrist a few years back.  The Wrist Solution has made my day at the computer comfortable and pain free.  I would never go back.  

Cynthia C.  Benefits Mgr. SENESCO Marine

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Instructions for attaching and using CloudCush

How to attach and use CloudCush