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A gliding mouse cushion that features a unique patented design

Are you plagued by relentless and debilitating wrist pain?                Or want to prevent future problems? 

What's a CloudCush?

A uniquely contoured, split-top mouse cushion, that cradles the sides fo the wrist and heel of the hand, while minimizing or eliminating pressure on the sensitive carpal tunnel region.

Mouse, hand, and cushion glide effortlessly in unison. 

Prevention or recovery

Repetetive stress from typing, gaming, etc  takes it's toll, causing inflammation, pain, and weakness in the hand.  

A simple solution to a painful problem

The patented, ergonomic design has the approval of hand therapists and ergonomists.  


Other Pads and Cushions

  • Mouse pads w/ raised, cushioned, or gel pads on the back edge.   They are softer than the desktop and they do support the forearm, but the tendons, nerves, and vessels in this area are compressed.   The forearm still has to saw over the  surface.  

  • Other mouse cushions attached to the mouse: Supportive across the width  of the wrist, still putting pressure on the central and vulnerable  Carpal Tunnel area.  

  • Wrist/hand gloves or splints, have to be put on and taken off.  Awkward  and unattractive in an office setting. Many of these actually should not  be used during work as they can cause additional compression.

  • Adhesive patches provide minimal cushioning.  Have to be put on and  peeled off repeatedly.  Ouch!  Some people have sensitive skin and  react to the adhesives.


*The wrist and heel of the hand remain stationary as the mouse/hand/Cloudcush move effortlessly in unison.

* The sides of the wrist/heel of the hand are supported comfortably while the central area is free of pressure.     

* Improves productivity

*Protects sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and tendons.

*  No more push, pull or dragging. 

* The elevation provides a more neutral position for the wrist.

* Velcros onto the back of most mice.  Mouse can be used by anyone, with or without the cushion

* Hand washable

* Latex free



In spite of the increase of smart phones and tablets, Carpal Tunnel surgeries are still the #1 and #2 greatest loss of productivity, in terms of days out of work (27-28 days), year after year.

     US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The average worksers comp claim for Carpal Tunnel was $8000 in 2004.  It's a lot more now.  National Safety Council


LARGE :fits a man's hand or a  woman's med/large hand.  4.5" x 5.75" x 1.25".  

SMALL:  fits a woman's small hand or a child's hand.3.5" x 4.5" x 1". 


  Black, red, navy, or royal blue.


 GidgetLoomis,  our CEO, is the inventor of CloudCush™.  As the  owner of a small custom sail repair and canvas business, Gidget has been a problem solver and designer for  years.  

      Her creation of CloudCush™    happened quite by accident. While working outside her business, one of        her co-workers returned to work after carpal tunnel surgery. She was in          agony using her mouse, with  new scar tissue dragging on her desk.   

The lightbulb went on.  Gidget folded a piece of copy paper in quarters and taped it to the back of the mouse so that the paper slid on the desk while the wrist stayed still on the paper. Huge difference.  That evening she created the first mouse cushion.  Her co-worker's difference in  productivity and pain level were huge, and she continues to use the  original edition.  "You should sell these," was the frequent comment from all those who tried it,  and the seed was planted!  

For the next few years, Gidget started learning about product  development, patenting, trademarks, and most importantly, saw what other  products were on the market.  Her discovery was that there was nothing  else like it out there!  That remains true to this day!  All other  products continue to put pressure on the carpal tunnel region, when in  reality, they are supposed to help relieve that pressure.  

       After putting more thought into it, she designed our now patented split- top unique mouse cushion design that includes a channel area taking all          pressure off the sensitive areas of the wrist. She then exhibited at a national   convention of hand therapists, and got rave reviews. CloudCush™ has been refined even more. We have looked at different materials and ways of working with the foam and fabrics so that CloudCush™ has become a specialty cushion. It includes materials that are soft and gentle to the touch, with a firm base that glides effortlessly when used, providing a pain free experience. 

   At this writing, we are focused on getting the word out about this product,          however Gidget already has some new products perking that will continue          to help those with ergonomic health issues and functionality.  

In her off time, Gidget is an avid sailor and considers herself  to be an environmentalist who believes in minimizing our impact on our  world, and does work with her local land trust board.  

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